Marcus Concettina → Appears: 9teen → Leader → Rival: Isaac Marcello 

History -

Marcus grew up during the early 1700s in Virginia. He was the eldest of a small family who owned a farm in the tidewater region. Being the eldest, he took on most of the responsibility of the household whenever his father was out of town. He was content as the second “man of the house” but he always felt like there was more too the world than farming and living in the newly found colonies. At the age of nineteen, after his father had fallen ill, he went out during a risky storm traveling down to Atlanta.

Attacked by a strange woman, Marcus thought he was going to die until he found himself waking up the next day miraculously. Spending the next twelve hours uncontrollably thirsty, he lost control and went on a killing rampage through the nearest town. A few days later when he returned home, he found his father had died and the scent of his family too much for him to handle. That evening, he end up killing his family brutally. Running in the direction of the west, devastated by his actions he met Camilla whom he became very close too. She  helped him learn to control his blood lust in order for them to make it to Italy where she heard Antony lived. By 1725, the two had joined Antony and became a small family helping each other live their lives without feeding into their true nature. 

Personality -

Marcus can come off as quiet and reserved despite being “sober” off of human blood for generations on end. He has a split personality between when he drinks human blood and when he drinks animal blood so it’s hard to find the balance of who he truly is. On animal blood, he is sweet, romantic, trustworthy, selfless and full of compassion for those around him despite his quiet nature. But, once he gets a few tastes of human blood he becomes a true monster as he is cruel, manipulative, sadistic, and selfish. 

Connections -

  • He finds Isaac Marcello unbearable due to his cruel and repulsing nature although part of Marcus sees himself in Isaac. 
  • He finds himself falling for Samantha Marcello even though he knows he’s supposed to naturally be against the Marcello coven. 
  • He is very close to Camilla Concettina as she helped him get through a lot of his troubling past. 
  • He used to have a somewhat romantic relationship with Fiona Concettina but now he only sees her as a friend. 

Ability -

Marcus has the ability to mentally hide himself from those around and sometimes he can even hide a person close to him. This made Marcus’ killing days quite easy for him as no one could even notice he was around until he ripped them apart by their throats. He used to feel somewhat alone and invisible among his village despite being one of the eldest. His ability to mentally make himself invisible seems to be derived from that aspect of his past although these days Marcus hardly remembers his human life at all. His ability has come in quite handy for short moments when Samantha and him are trying to talk privately without their covens knowing what is going on. 

→ Romeo

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